Ammika Harris' Latest Photo Has Fans Saying That She Should Have Been A Model

Ammika Harris' Latest Photo Has Fans Saying That She Should Have Been A Model
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Ammika Harris managed to make her fans excited with a new photo that she decided to drop on her social media account. Check out the pic below.

Fans told Ammika after seeing this photo that she should definitely consider modeling.

Someone said: 'You disappear for a few days then come back looking like that! Girl howwww 🖤🥰🥺✨' and a commenter posted this message: 'How do you get the photos so good?'

A follower said: 'Beautiful and stunning momma 🔥🔥' and someone else posted this: 'beautiful is her name......Keep pushing forward. Many doors are about to open for you. You are truly a jewel! I pray that Chris sees the blessing he has been given.'

A fan said: 'I can't believe that Aeko is almost 1-time flies and you are so slim and beautiful you never gained a pound even 💕' and one other commenter said: 'Cute! What kinda Canon is that? I just bought the m50 today! @ammikaaa.'

Someone else said: '@prettylittlething post this pretty little thing. He is doing that outfit justice.'

Ammika is living her best life these days with her baby boy, Aeko. Not too long ago, they also reunited with Chris Brown , and the whole family was together.

Both Ammika and Chris shared pics on their social media accounts, leaving fans in awe.

In other news, Ammika Harris shared a couple of new pics on her social media account. In fact, it’s the same one but edited. But what intrigued fans in the fact that Ammika mentioned ‘two sides of the story’ in the caption.

Check out her post below.

‘There’s always 2 sides of the story ❤️ ( found some editing apps for my photos),’ Ammika captioned her post.

More fans were wondering what she means with the caption and if it has something to do with  Chris Brown .

Stay tuned for more Ammika and Chris news.

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