Ammika Harris Hits Fans With The Best Tips And Tricks For A Flawless Skin - Check Out Her Favorite Products!

Ammika Harris Hits Fans With The Best Tips And Tricks For A Flawless Skin - Check Out Her Favorite Products!
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Ammika Harris just revealed some of her beauty secrets to her IG fans and followers, and they could not be more excited. People have been asking her to do this for a really long time because they've always admired her flawless youthful skin.

Check out what she had to tell her fans below.

'If u 25+ I suggest u start using eye creams/serum immediately if u haven’t yet. Besides a good face serum, an eye cream is the most important skincare product for me. I love eye serum, eye bag patches, creams GIMME ALL THAT. Before a photoshoot I will show up on set with eye bag patches on my face EVERY TIME,' Ammika captioned her post.

A follower asked Chris Brown's baba mama: 'ammikaaa where can a person get the Pixi makeup products from?' and Ammika responded with: 'got mines from Target.'

The follower said: '@ammikaaa well thanks sweetie I know now they still sale it. Although I retired from Target five years ago this month, thanks hon for answering me back😘'

Someone else asked: 'What kind of eye bag patches? I also use straight-up vitamin E on my skin at night. It's sticky for an hour but ohhhhh boy,' and Ammika responded and told the fan that she posted everything on her story.

One other follower said: 'You’re Asian hun you don’t need all of that just yet crows feet start to arrive in your 40’s if you’re black, native Indian or Asian.'

A follower told Amika: 'Yes, I agree! I love for eye serum & overall skincare products for face.'

Someone else wrote: '@ ammikaaa you are a stunning and beautiful soul. I pray for your happiness, being loved, strength, and courage as a single mother. God bless you and your handsome little angel.'

Other than this, Ammika simply shocked a lot of her fans with a profile photo that she shared. From the way that she’s standing for the camera, people could see her tiny waist, and they were impressed by her strong snapback.

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