Ammika Harris Hangs Out With Chris Brown's Son Aeko - See The Sweet Couple

Ammika Harris Hangs Out With Chris Brown's Son Aeko - See The Sweet Couple
Credit: BET

Ammika Harris filmed a clip with her and Chris Brown 's son, Aeko and she has fans in awe. Check out the sweet video below.

A follower said: 'oh yeah, that’s def Chris Brown baby 😍' and somoene else posted this message: 'Chris Brown can’t ever deny his kids. Look just like him.'

One commenter posted this: 'He looks like his mama with a splash of Chris 😍' and someone else said: 'It’s crazy cuz he looks like his daddy and my dude from home alone at the same time.'

Somoene else said: 'Hmmmm, interesting looking kid, which was his daddy’s goal. Lol' and one commenter said: 'So y’all aren’t gonna call her a baby mama? Y’all are just gonna casually gonna have her name as a hashtag? Wow.'

A fan said: 'The fact that he looks nothing like the mother 😂😂' and somoene else posted this: 'The fact she lying about being Blasian is sick af. Especially after we seen her parents.'

Someone else posted this: 'Why the shade room never calls this chick out for black fishing I know his fans sent y’all the receipts to prove it' and a commenter said: 'I wonder what his kids would look like from a black woman.'

In other news, Chris Brown ‘s baby mama, Ammika Harris, shared a photo on her social media account that has a lot of fans impressed in the comments.

She is wearing a tutu very Black Swan-ish, and all that people are talking about is her flawless figure.

She is posing in a black tutu, and she captioned her photo with a black swan sign. Fans are beyond impressed, and if you  check out the photo , you will see for yourselves why.


Ammika is living her best l.ife.

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