Ammika Harris' Fans Debate Whether Chris Brown Left Her Or Not - Here Are The Latest Details

Ammika Harris' Fans Debate Whether Chris Brown Left Her Or Not - Here Are The Latest Details
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Ammika Harris has been on a dreamy vacay with Chris Brown and their baby boy Aeko. She made her fans and followers happy with all kinds of pics that she dropped from their time off at the beach, and people could not be more excited.

But besides praising Ammika's beauty, her fans are also discussing something else in the comments - whether she is still with Chris or not.

It all started with this comment: 'How the hell Chris Brown leave her...she so beautiful 😩ahh.. so who is Gina Huh?'

Someone answered: 'A girl that gon be in his upcoming video (city girls),' and another commenter said: 'Oh, so they only held hands on set n nothing more?'

One other follower said this: 'I guess that apart of the video. they have no relation with each other.'

Someone else said: 'she was wearing a tracksuit and on the sidelines with Chris, she’s most likely not part of the city girls video. She didn’t even fit the theme. He and Ammika are not confirmed to be dating or in an official relationship, so it’s okay.'

A fan posted: 'Just because she was wearing a tracksuit ... doesn’t mean she ain’t apart of the video, it could be a concept (the song is called city girls). Also, you don’t know if they ain’t in a relationship so why are you bringing that up when I wasn’t even talking about that.'

Another follower said: 'It’s the caption for me 🙌🏽 beautiful as always,' and someone else also praised her beauty: 'I love that fit @ammikaaa ❤️The colour looks great on you. Because of your nice clothes from pretty little things I am ordering from her line as well, THANK YOU.'


Ammika and Chris reunited not too long ago, and their fans could not be happier to know that they got a chance to spend some time together as a family.

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