Ammika Harris Claps Back At Hater Saying Chris Brown Doesn't Love Her!

Ammika Harris Claps Back At Hater Saying Chris Brown Doesn't Love Her!
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Amid rumors that Chris Brown and the mother of his newborn son, Ammika Harris have gotten married in secret, fans of the singer came for the aspiring model and new mom. More precisely, some mean people online thought it would be a good idea to insist that Chris doesn’t love her!

In response to the bold claims, Ammika clapped back with a perfect answer.

It all started with Ammika posting a sultry pic of her in a Pretty Little Thing dress posing in her bedroom.

Obviously, most of her followers could not help but rave about how stunning and sexy she was but there was one fan who chose to bring up her baby daddy and their one month old son, Aeko.

‘This picture would be more beautiful if it was taken with Chris Brown and the baby next to Ammika,’ they sweetly wrote in the comment section.

Then, another social media user responded with a comment of their own that claimed to know it was ‘Wishful thinking but that is not the case. He has love for her because she is baby boy Aeko’s mother but he is not in love with her, big difference. They are not a happy family as they co-parent and do what is best to have a healthy relationship or Aeko’s best interest.’

Reading the comment, Ammika said what everyone else who stumbled upon it was also thinking: ‘Glad you know our business.’

Sure enough, a fan also mockingly asked the previous user if they live with the couple or something.

Otherwise, how would anyone actually know such things about Chris and Ammika’s relationship and life together as co-parents? – Let alone their true feelings for one another!

Social media has been paying attention to Chris and Ammika ever since some eagle-eyed people noticed that they are both wearing what seems like wedding bands on that finger!

Therefore, everyone still waits to learn if they really have tied the knot in secret or not! For more about the marriage speculation, click here !

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