Ammika Harris, Chris Brown's Ex, Flaunts Baby Bump And Killer Legs In Hot Pink Wrap Dress Picture

Ammika Harris, Chris Brown's Ex, Flaunts Baby Bump And Killer Legs In Hot Pink Wrap Dress Picture
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Ammika Harris, the 26-year model, who is pregnant with singer Chris Brown's baby, is serving legs in her latest fashion shoot where she shows off her growing baby bump.

Over the weekend, Ammika took to social media where she posted a stunning series of photos in a maxi hot pink wrap dress that featured a split that revealed her toned legs.

Chris' future baby had her long hair cascading on her back and completed the look with Yves Saint Laurent shoes.

Fans have flooded the comment section to talk about her killer legs and her baby bump.

One person said she would fool people like Yung Miami did with her pregnancy: "I see something growing slowly 🤔 Yung Miami tricked us too, so I still believe it’s a baby somewhere in there. 🤔 WTF!!! How can Chris break up with this beautiful woman for a lil 20y.o girl?"

This supporter claimed that she could see the pregnancy glow in the photos and added: "Baby bump showing 😜An unbelievably strong woman! 🙏🏼💖 She’s definitely pregnant! You can tell from her face, lips, nose, and breast. She has a beautiful glow as well, and it’s not makeup 🤗🤗🤗🤗 congrats beautiful 🥰😘. Wait, what happened to you and Chris? He out here with a different girl. 👀🤔"

Some fans are pleading with other supporters to give Ammika the privacy that she needs during her pregnancy: "Just because the man she's with is famous doesn't give people the right to know everything about her personal business! Maybe she wants to stay out of blogs speculating about something that personal.💯✊"

This follower added: "Lmao, you people are reading way to much into her pictures. Everything she says you think it’s a hint of what gender her baby is if she’s pregnant. What would be the secret? Chris is the one that started you all assuming she’s pregnant, so why would it still be a secret? You should disable all comments. People don’t deserve to comment on your life! I hope you are pregnant and I hope you don’t let stress get to you! You are beautiful! God bless ❤️."

Ammika has recently taken to social media to ask fans to mind their businessmen and let her live her life.

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