Ammika Harris Amazes Fans While Wrapped In Emerald - See Her Latest Jaw-Dropping Photoshoot

Ammika Harris Amazes Fans While Wrapped In Emerald - See Her Latest Jaw-Dropping Photoshoot
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Ammika Harris made fans excited with the latest photoshoot that she shared. Check out the pics that she shared on her social media account.

'Thinking about all of my blessings 🌹'Ammika posted.

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Someone else said: 'Please tell me how to pronounce 'AEKO' .. please,' and a commenter posted this mesage: 'Thinking about him" huh? We saw it! Haha ❤.'

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A commenter posted this: 'What does your heart tattoo symbolize? I love the simplicity,' and someone else said: 'You are perfection. May I ask what hair colour is yours black or dark brown? 🖤'

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Someone else said: 'You are so beautiful how do you keep so slim? What you eating your diet 🍳🍎🍌🍒' and one other follower said: 'Gotta love 🖤 ...but it's the outfit for me.'

A commenter said: 'When I see @ammikaaa pictures I imagine Gucci, Dior, Versace. coffee.🖤' and someone else posted this: 'Is she holding her stomach? Is she hinting at being pregnant? 😍❤️.'

Someone else said: 'Wow... How can someone be THIS beautiful?' and a follower posted this: 'when you have to sneeze, but your crush is watching.✨'

A follower posted this mesage: 'Now that I know that this is a dress instead of a blouse makes these pictures even more stunning! You look gorgeous in this dress.'

A fan posted this: 'So glamorous and classy stunning. Got that emerald working beautiful 🔥.'

Someone said: 'It’s an alright dress until you put it on and boom, I WANT IT!!! 😂.'

In other news, Ammika Harris  made her fans smile and feel better thanks to her motivational post that she dropped on her social media account.


Check out what message she posted that managed to make fans and followers’ day.

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