Amid Precious Harris' Health Crisis, T.I. And Tiny Reconnect In Sweet Video As Concerned Fans Continue To Send Love

Amid Precious Harris' Health Crisis, T.I. And Tiny Reconnect In Sweet Video As Concerned Fans Continue To Send Love
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Diva Tiny Harris, who has been crying for the past few days over the health crisis that her sister-in-law, Precious Harris, is facing, has been given a sweet reason by T.I. to finally smile a bit.

The famous rapper and activist from Atlanta gifted Tiny a stunning canary yellow diamond ring.

The Xscape singer posted a sweet video where she is showing off the gorgeous bling, and T.I.P. playfully showed his hand to compete with his lady love.

Tiny captioned the video: "After a long hard day of shedding tears about our sister. My thoughtful husband still found a way to make me shed more tears but of joy this time!! I was truly shocked & overjoyed! I can’t thank him enough for going out of his way on such a sad day for him as well! I love you forever & then some @troubleman31 The worst & best Valentine’s Day Ever! Thank you for all prayers pls continue to keep our sister @preciousharris1913 lifted up in prayer! 🎬 @giftedtalents #MyValentine #14Carats #NaturalCanaryYellowDiamond #OhNGuysIStillHaveMyOldRing #ThisRingWillHaveToFindAnotherFinger lol🙏🏽👑😻🥰💔"

Tiny added: "Something told me get the color he loves on my hands & feet for Valentine’s & well it worked out for me! 👑😚🥰😻😘 #Thankful #BabyHandsTho #FingersFatAF #PhoneHomeFingers #HeDontBiteThemGuys #ThatsNatural 😂"

One concerned fan told T.I. to please see a doctor because of his clubbing fingers for this important reason: "Please have your hubby get that mild clubbing checked out mamas. His nails are starting to club that's an early sign of lung and often heart issues. I just noticed his middle and index is starting to club and his nail bed is bluing."

Another happy supporter of the power couple shared this kind note: "@majorgirl you betta come on through honey! I love how y’all do. What works for you and @troubleman31 works for y’all. God bless your marriage and everything that’s supposed to be in it!😍"

This third comment read: "I’m praying for your family, and your husband is amazing to [email protected] m cherish during this hard time but the fight is on, and God has the plan. Everyone in the world knows they married.....Why people say stupid things. He is with his wife. Idiots."

It seems that T.I. and Tiny are really over the cheating drama.

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  • Rita
    Rita Feb 17, 2019 5:19 PM PST

    I pray for Precious Harris in Jesus' name Please Lord heal this woman in a way no one else in this world can do you are the Alfa & Omega of this universe Please lay your hand of mercy on this beautiful person to heal her of All that distresses her body in Jesus holy name Amen.

  • Vivian R Mahone
    Vivian R Mahone Feb 17, 2019 4:31 PM PST

    Precious,you are in my prayers. You really help keep the family together. God blessed you

  • Tee
    Tee Feb 17, 2019 9:35 AM PST

    Our Father which art in heaven I ask for your hands to be wrapped around Precious Harris and bring her back to us. Lord do your will the doctors do not have the last say so you do. Father strengthen her and the family. Precious wait on it sister a miracle is coming....Amen Amen

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