Amid New T.I. Drama, Tiny Harris Flaunts Clever Halloween Costume In Party Pictures With Kandi Burruss

Amid New T.I. Drama, Tiny Harris Flaunts Clever Halloween Costume In Party Pictures With Kandi Burruss
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After a long flight, Tiny Harris changed into a sexy majorette costume to the Halloween party of the year.

T.I.'s wife was at No IG Jeremy's epic bash where she had a ball with Xscape diva Kandi Burruss and her BFF, Toya Wright. Fans applauded Tiny for having a costume that focused on a fictive university.

One supporter told the diva: "Were you a majorette back in the day? You always inspiring your children to build success. I think creating a major junior university school to commemorate your smart son would be a blessing. He is a borderline genius. "

Another follower wrote: "I don’t understand why folks are so hateful like really. That’s why this world is so fucked up now people can’t say anything nice or just treat folks with respect. Judgment day going to be hell for some folks. Literally."

This person shared: "After watching all the episodes of Family Hustle, all I can say is you’re the definition of a strong independent woman and an inspiring mother. Just an appreciation from a different side of the world. Keep slaying Tiny. I am a big fan of Ti’s music, but I guess your strength has given him the power. Really adore you as an inspiring lady. God bless you and your family."

A fourth individual told Tiny it is time to leave and added: "What kind of custom is this? Clearly, if you have to keep saying TIP is your man he not. He doesn’t have even know you anymore sus. Give up already."

A source told Hollywood Life that Tiny is fed up with forgiving T.I.P. for his many indiscretions.

The insider shared: “Tiny and T.I. have a loving but complicated relationship. Tiny often struggles to hold T.I. accountable for his actions, which is hard for her to do. She gets embarrassed every time T.I.’s slip-ups make it onto social media. But, after every mistake T.I. makes, Tiny inevitably forgives him. She has way too much love for the father of her kids to stay mad at him very long. T.I. is smart, slick, and wiggles out of his relationship mistakes easily.”

Despite the rumors, those two are not splitting up anytime soon.

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  • Zoe
    Zoe Nov 3, 2018 3:48 AM PDT

    TI should stop disrespecting his wife, already, and be an example for there beautiful children. She loved you then,now and forever.

  • Angelfrmla
    Angelfrmla Nov 2, 2018 5:20 PM PDT

    Tip and Tiny both are getting to old for this mess you can see it in their faces not emotional but physically and Tip I've seen it 1st hand those women don't really won't u they just won't what Tiny have bc they see she has the perfect life with you and its fun when u sneaking but when those women have to be with and around you all day every day and they don't see the things she do for you as a wife and when they have to do them they get tired of u and that's when the sht hits the fan and there u go with your beautiful home and family broken apart trust me I've been through it, mine came crawling back said he was tired of eating Spaghetti out of a can yea the she wanted him but didn't realize he needed to be feed more than p*$/?

  • Angelfrmla
    Angelfrmla Nov 2, 2018 4:56 PM PDT

    What ever floats their boat and works for them its not for us to decide what works for their marriage.

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