Amid Dwight Howard's Gay Rumors, His Baby Mama Royce Reed Uses A Photo To Protect Their Son And Mock The NBA Star At The Same Time

Amid Dwight Howard's Gay Rumors, His Baby Mama Royce Reed Uses A Photo To Protect Their Son And Mock The NBA Star At The Same Time
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Royce Reed has decided to break her silence on the Dwight Howard scandal that was started by Masin Elije and is breaking up the Internet.

Reed, of Basketball Wives fame, is Howard's baby mama and she was quick to jump on social media to mock the NBA star who is being accused by Elija, a gay author, of being a cheater who allegedly harassed him because he refused to sign an NDA.

The dancer and former reality TV star shared a few pictures on Instagram with bags of popcorn and a huge soda to say the wild scandal highly entertains her.

When fans asked why she is clowning her ex with the photo, she said she is protecting her son and added: “Don’t want these comments under a photo of my child or anything else family related. I ’m not saying sh*t.”

Fans remember the nasty fights Howard and Reed had while she was on the reality series and they are siding with her.

Others are telling her to make sure the father and son have a loving relationship despite the drama.

One person said: "The funny thing is HE created this not Royce! This HER page so with that being said her life shouldn't stop because her baby daddy like men.He didn't care enough about his son when he was doing it. So, why should Royce have to tiptoe her life because if choice her child's father made? Cut the comments off for what? If the son doesn't see the comments in here guess what? He will see them elsewhere and either way it goes she is going to have to explain it to him. Dwight made her life a living HELL, and now he is getting his payback! You mad? STAY MAD!"

Another commenter claimed: "Love how she's reacted. Her and her son are her priorities instead of him and his mess. I remember how mean he was to her taking her to court and threatening to sue her if she mentioned his name while she was on Well now she doesn't have to "mention his name." She can sit back, enjoy her popcorn and devise a way to explain all the crap that her 12-year-old son probably will face. If she does it the right way, he'll feel nothing other than"He's still my dad." Besides, she said she's not talking. "

This follower added: "She didn't do it in the past, and she'27 off the TV show but doesn't appear to be on the streets begging for a crust of bread. So long as DH does what he's supposed to do financially and maintains a decent relationship with his son ere thang cool. Look at Robert DeNiro. He's straight. His dad is gay, and they have an awesome relationship! It's all about having "a want to" how we deal with things. Life (somebody already said this earlier) and sexuality are complex. Best any of us can do is worry about how we are getting down and how we're maintaining our health in the process."

Is she right to mock him with funny pictures?

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