America Ferrera Looks Back At Everything That Happened In Her Life In 2020!

America Ferrera Looks Back At Everything That Happened In Her Life In 2020!
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The actress took to her platform to look back on the year that is coming to an end! As it turns out, 2020 has been pretty eventful for America Ferrera , as well as challenging, of course!

As fans know, America experienced giving birth amid the pandemic and more, and she challenged others to also look back on their year and reveal what they realized or achieved in the last 12 months.

The Superstore star posted a pic of her, pregnant, at the doctors and wrote in the caption that 'This was the year I had my baby girl during a pandemic, learned to mother two children at once (during a pandemic), pumped a lot of breast milk while exhausted out of my mind.'

America and her husband Ryan Piers Williams share a 2 year old son, Sebastian, and now, also a 7 month old daughter they named Lucia as well!

That being said, she admitted that taking care of two young kids at the same time left her and her life partner with very little time for one another.

Still, they at least managed to 'sneak away' in order to celebrate their 15-year anniversary!

Furthermore, Ferrera also recalled being part of her last table read for Superstore as well as her very last time voicing the character of Astrid in How to Train Your Dragon.

These memories were rather bittersweet but one achievement in her life that is completely positive is the launch of She Se Puede 'with an incredible gang of Powerhouse Latinas!'


She concluded her Year in Review post by saying that: 'You were a worthy challenger. I never liked you girl but I respected you, and above all, I am grateful grateful grateful for the good you gave me - health and safety, time with my family, a deep appreciation for community and brighter days ahead.'


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