Amber Rose’s Controversial Forehead Tattoos Are Gone In New Clip And Fans Are Confused!

Amber Rose’s Controversial Forehead Tattoos Are Gone In New Clip And Fans Are Confused!
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Amber Rose’s fans previously reacted negatively to her forehead tattoos of her kids’ names as a lot of people are not very fond of face ink! However, now the model was seen without the controversial body art so there are rumors that they were temporary!

That’s right! Amber’s very visible ink is now completely gone and it’s a mystery as to what has happened to it!

The confusion started when she took to social media to post a video on her IG account, meant to promote her partnership with Cameo, a video sharing website.

However, what her followers focused on the most was her lack of forehead tattoos and it was impossible not to since the footage only featured her face.

As you know, she debuted the ink last month for the first time to mixed reactions but now it’s completely gone and everyone is wondering what happened.

Some suspect that the tattoos were not real in the first place so many took to the comment section to demand a clear answer from Amber.

Here are a couple of the reactions: ‘I’m confused I thought you had a tattoo on your forehead.’ / ‘Tattoo is gone.’

Of course, there is also a possibility she simply shot the video before getting the ink on her forehead or that she even covered it up with makeup for the clip, theories that some also wrote under the post.

But that’s not all! Amber also shared a number of IG clips yesterday while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, she was hanging out with her man, Alexander “AE” Edwards and had her forehead covered by a New York Yankees cap.

Alexander’s mom Rhonda and some of their pals were also there and they were all enjoying a big, delicious meal together, Amber even raving about her boyfriend’s cooking skills in the videos.

Either way, fans were not able to check the status of the forehead tattoos because of the cap so it’s still a mystery if they are real or not!

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