Amber Rose Updates Fans On Her Pregnancy And She Reveals Her Health Condition

Amber Rose Updates Fans On Her Pregnancy And She Reveals Her Health Condition
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Amber Rose decided to update fans on how her pregnancy is going. She seems to be suffering from a health condition called hyperemesis gravidarum and she makes sure to explain it a bit for fans.

Check out the video that she shared on IG. Amber is in her second trimester and she's having some rough days but hopefully, she'll be alright.

Someone commented: 'Prayers to her! May she have a blessed pregnancy 🙏🏽🙏🏽'

Another follower said, 'This was the exact same thing I went through. I’m thankful for my blessing...but this why my son will be 12 soon & he’s still my one & only! Lol'

One other fan said that they have the very same condition: 'I have that same condition during pregnancy as well. It's called hyperemesis gravidarum and you feel like you wanna just die at times. It's so extreme.'

One person said, 'I had that with my pregnancy. Was sick until the day she came out. Rest Amber 🤗'

Someone gushed over Amber's looks and said: 'Man this baby got her GLOWINGG! She’s been pretty TO ME ... so don’t come at me with no opinions.'

One fan made sure to remind every hater that Amber is a white woman. More people said that she's trying really hard to look white. 'To the people who forgot Amber is a whole white woman out here “she looks white” y’all she IS white 😩' the fan said.

A while ago, Amber had a message for her fake friends who aren’t there for her rough pregnancy. She took to Instagram to slam the careless phony people.

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