Amber Rose Is Certain Baby Daddy To Be Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Is Her ‘Soulmate’ - Here's Why

Amber Rose Is Certain Baby Daddy To Be Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Is Her ‘Soulmate’ - Here's Why
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As you may know, Amber Rose is expecting her second child, the first with her current boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards. That being said, one insider report claims she has absolutely no doubts about starting a family with him since the model thinks Alexander is her one and only ‘soulmate.’

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Being pregnant with her second child has made one thing very clear for Amber. Though she has been dating, it took AE to be the man that proved to her that he is her soulmate. She's delighted and she feels overly blessed have a baby with him because he's such a wonderful man. She cannot wait to co-parent and bring a model young man into the world.’

‘She is elated with whom her son will become thanks to his great father. It is really such an amazing blessing and Amber's so very happy,’ the source went on to dish.

As for the reason why she’s so convinced she’s found her other half, the source explained that the man gets the best out of her and has helped temper Amber a lot.

It is no secret that she has a really strong personality and for some, that may mean she is hard to handle.

When it comes to AE however, he totally knows what makes her tick.

He completely gets her in every way, including her intelligence and sense of humor.

‘It’s one of those things where they naturally finish each other’s sentences and thoughts. Everything is easy, drama-free and just fun. There is that extra thing that you can’t put your finger on, but it is something that she has never felt before and so, Amber loves this genuinely unique feeling.’

Apparently, he is just ‘the whole package!’


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