Amber Rose Inadvertently Dragged Into 21 Savage's Immigration and Customs Fiasco

Amber Rose Inadvertently Dragged Into 21 Savage's Immigration and Customs Fiasco
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According to a report from, Twitter came for Amber Rose following 21 Savage's detainment by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. It was revealed earlier in the week that the supposed Atlanta native, 21 Savage, was taken into federal custody after they claimed he really was a British citizen who outstayed his visa.

This all comes before he's supposed to head to this year's Grammy awards for which he has been nominated for several accolades. 21 Savage had one of the biggest hits of the year in 2018 with Post-Malone, "Rockstar," which came out shortly before Post-Malone's successful beerbongs and Bentleys -  his second record.

Getting back to the ICE case of 21 Savage, reports have it that the Atlanta-native is actually a citizen of the United Kingdom, and he came to the United States 15 years ago in 2005. The result of this situation, on social media at least, has been an outpouring of memes at the rapper's expense.

Demi Lovato was just one celebrity who took serious heat for making fun of Mr. Savage's situation. She even then deleted her Twitter account for posting memes. In a new turn of events, many Twitter users started making fun of the fact that Savage had intentions to marry Amber Rose at one point, stating that he was probably trying to get a green-card marriage.

After dating the much younger man for a while, Rose revealed in March 2018 that they had decided to go separate ways. She cited fame as one of the primary reasons for calling it all off.

Either way, you can check out some of the Twitter posts below.

Amber hasn't spoken publicly about 21 Savage's situation since then, although she has announced in recent news that she has a new boyfriend. However, ever since her romance with Savage, she hasn't been in the media much lately.

Unfortunately, this situation is quite serious, and one can hope that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, as well as 21 Savage's legal team, can work out any and all of the misunderstandings.

Reports have it that 21 Savage is undoubtedly an Atlanta-native, so there seems to be some kind of horrible misinterpretation of information. Time will tell what's really going on.

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