Amber Rose Drops A Message For T.I.; Says She Stands With The LGBTQ Community

Amber Rose Drops A Message For T.I.; Says She Stands With The LGBTQ Community
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Amber Rose shared a message for Tip, saying that she stands with the LGBTQ community. Check out her post below.

Someone said: 'Dawg TI needs to be sitting this one out. We ain’t forgot about you 😭' and another follower posted this: 'All I see is everybody in everybody’s business.'

One follower said: 'TI got bigger fish to fry. Legal problems, kids feel uncomfortable talking to you and here we are 😩' and one other followewr said: 'These SoundCloud rappers are so mad at Lil Nas because their music won’t leave the basement🗣.'

A fan said: 'A man that’s confident in his sexuality don’t care what another man doing,' and one other follower said: 'Y’all some cry babies..people are offended either way just hush.'

Someone else said: 'She said what she said because he didn’t have to bring up lil nas,' and a commenter posted this: 'This is the problem I have with America right now. Everyone wants to have their own opinion (which we should ) but as soon as it’s against everyone else’s opinion or thought it’s a issue. I’m not saying da baby or TI is right or wrong but it’s how THEY FEEL. Let them have that.'

A follower said: 'We should be able to say we proud to being straight!'

T.I. is addressing some of his comments about  DaBaby   . Check out the clip that he dropped on his social media account.


Someone said: 'bro was speaking fax and y’all still choose to hate🤦🏾‍♂️ this the reason we not growing as a society,' and one other follwoer posted this: 'He said the right thing! It's not hate it's the truth and everybody has their own truth. They need to quit making it seem like people can't see things differently.'

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