Amber Rose Can See Herself Marrying AE - Wants To Spend Forever With Him!

Amber Rose Can See Herself Marrying AE - Wants To Spend Forever With Him!
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As fans know, Amber Rose and her man, AE Edwards are going to have a baby together and it seems like the model would like to take their relationship even further! That being said, one insider report claims that Amber can very well see herself marrying her baby daddy to be!

The big announcement that they are going to become parents was made on April 3 and fans were super excited to hear about the great news!

However, they also noticed that Amber was wearing a massive rock on that finger, so is she and AE engaged?

At this time, the pair has not confined or denied the rumors but one source tells HollywoodLife that Amber would not be against getting engaged to AE.

‘Amber was not looking for love when she initially met AE, but now she knows she found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Amber could definitely see herself marrying AE one day and can’t believe how lucky she is to have found him. Amber had her walls up when she first started dating AE,’ the insider shared with the news outlet.

‘But AE has been there for Amber no matter what and now she’s let her guard down and can completely be herself around him. She feels closer to him than any relationship she’s been in before and would love to make their family official one day when the time is right,’ they added.

The two started dating back in October and they are close to becoming parents already so it is safe to say that everything in their relationship is going great!

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