Amber Rose and Caitlyn Jenner - close friends or more?

Amber Rose and Caitlyn Jenner - close friends or more?

Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex lover, has plans for a night out with none other than Kim Kardashian’s step father, Caitlyn Jenner. What a peculiar thing to say. Nevertheless, the two seem to be very close and are happy in each other’s company no matter what others may think.

Amber Rose says she enjoys dating transgender men, but it looks like transgender women are not out of question either, especially if that transgender woman is more famous than any other – Caitlyn Jenner.

During Loveline, a podcast by famous Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, the 33 year old Amber Rose opened up about her love life, admitting that she has a soft spot for transgender men. “I used to date a transman, actually. So I find that hot as well.”

According to a source close to the Kardashians, as soon as Caitlyn became aware of Amber Rose’s confession, she sent her a funny and flirty text. “When Amber made those comments, she got a funny text from Caitlyn telling her she was single.”

Amber was not intimidated at all and answered back with a text just a flirty.  “Amber shot back a time and a place with a big kiss mark!”

It seems like the two might actually like each other and their flirty back-and-forth is more than just joking around; or, they have just that of a close friendship that they can throw words like that at each other without meaning it.

The insider believes that although their heated texting “was all very tongue in cheek, they’ve since become firm friends and are planning to go out on a big girls’ night out soon.” Aw, YAY for friendship!

“It’s the most oddball friendship,” added the source referring to the weird connection Kanye’s former lover and Kim’s transgender woman-stepfather have, “but Caitlyn’s pretty lonely these days.”


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