Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Arrested For Arsenal Of Weapons Including Guns - Should She Be Worried?

Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Arrested For Arsenal Of Weapons Including Guns - Should She Be Worried?

Despite the fact that Amber Portwood’s new man’s two restraining orders against him did not scare her away, maybe another of his encounters with the law will. According to new reports, Andrew Glennon was arrested for possessing firearms!

Court documents detail how the man was brought in front of the law after being charged with two counts of ‘unlawfully owning, possessing, purchasing, receiving and having custody and control of a firearm, to wit, handgun’ back in 2010.

In addition, Glennon was also charged with possession of a rifle by a felon.

‘Possession of deadly weapon was committed by Andrew Glennon, who unlawfully manufactured, caused to be manufactured, imposed into the State of California, kept for sale, offered and exposed for sale, and gave lend, and possessed an instrument and weapon of the kind commonly known as a billy,’ the documents read.

Finally, in the fifth court, he was also charged with possessing metal knuckles.

Malibu Patrol took him into custody and was held on a $170,000 bail.

However, all charges against the man were dismissed after he pled ‘not guilty’ to all five counts.

Aside from these accusations, Glennon was also hit with a restraining order by his former lover back in 2013 after they broke up and he because obsessive and staked her to the point that the woman started fearing for her life.

He used to show up at her house uninvited, and once in a fit of anger he even let the air out of her car’s tires.

Reportedly, Glennon even went to her work and delivered her flowers under a false name, trying to get her back.

Do you think Portwood should end it with Glennon before it’s too late? Should she be afraid of him or do you believe he's really a changed man now?

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