Amber Portwood Tells Andrew Glennon He Deserved To Be Hit And Threatens To Kill Him In A Third Recording Of The Abuse

Amber Portwood Tells Andrew Glennon He Deserved To Be Hit And Threatens To Kill Him In A Third Recording Of The Abuse
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There is a new recording that features Amber Portwood admitting to having hit her now ex, Andrew Glennon. Not only that, but she can also be heard slapping him and even threatening to kill him!

The audio that has surfaced is the third of its kind and were obtained by Katie Joy from the YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball.

Yesterday, Katie shared this new recording on her platform and it is alleged proof that the Teen Mom star physically abused the father of her one-year-old son.

It came after she supposedly punched and bloodied his nose while at her daughter’s school.

Katie explained, before playing the audiotape on her channel, that the reason why there are these recordings in the first place, is that Andrew ‘couldn’t believe what happened to him and was not sure anyone else would believe him given Amber’s fame,’ so he recorded everything.

While it is believed that the two people on the tapes are Amber and Andrew, their identities have not been officially confirmed.

That being said, at first, a man [supposedly Andrew] can be heard saying: ‘I was quiet when you first told me to be quiet but you keep yelling,’ only for a woman [supposedly Amber] to mock him.

‘Is it because my fat f**king mouth can’t deal with this? You’re a motherf**king joke, dude! That’s not what happened! NO IT’S NOT, you f**king old man! No the f**k it’s not! No, it’s not you f**king senile bitch!’ she yells.

The man begs the woman to stop screaming in front of their child.

The woman insists that she did nothing and that he did it himself.

‘I hit myself? You hit me!’ he responds but she insists he’s lying while he says she likes to hit people.

‘I hit people who can’t shut their f**king mouth!’ the woman goes on to admit.

The fight goes on, the woman believed to be Amber continuing to insult her boyfriend in all kinds of ways and say he deserved much more abuse than what he got.

There is also talk of him screaming because his ‘face was bleeding,’ something she did not like.

Then, it gets even worse! - She kicks him out of the house and then threatens to kill him.

Muffled sounds can be heard and the man freaks out that she had hit him a third time – the other two times being at school and while driving.

The woman shouts that he deserved it while he insists he did not.


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  • Diana
    Diana Sep 20, 2019 9:36 AM PDT

    I can’t believe MTV has not fired her. That $ 400,000 a season has made her into a MONSTER!! These girls are all train wrecks, and it’s unwatchable now. Need some new girls for just a year, not a lifetime.

  • Dawn
    Dawn Sep 19, 2019 9:15 PM PDT

    For 1 im not buying that he was recording her because no one would believe him that she hit him. She had already went through this with Gary so why wouldn't people believe him? 2 I think that he was recording so that he could use it against her someday for possibly money and for custody. I had somewhat had Ambers back only because I know what she's going through as far as postpartum and dealing with psychiatric disorders because I too have gone through them. I also know what it's like when people constantly push your buttons and you tell them over and over to stop but yelling and saying the mean things that she supposedly said is just wrong.dead wrong

  • Theeve1966
    Theeve1966 Sep 19, 2019 7:59 PM PDT

    This girl is seriously crazy. She has no business raising a child. I hope Andrew has custody of their child. If not, I sure hope he's going for custody. If this is the way she behaves in FRONT of her child/children, it's abusive, extremely abusive. How in the world do we know how she behaves towards her child when nobody is looking? Plus, mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. She was never rehabilitated, she just put on a good front. Oh Lord, I feel for those kids. If I was Gary, I wouldn't let her have Leaha unless it was supervised. She's like a keg ready to explode and I don't want her children as collateral damage. She also needs to lose her job with Teen Mom. It's given her too big of an ego and made her think she's above the law. Go back to three squares and a cot for a few years plus some intense counseling.

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