Amber Portwood Most Likely Won't Leave 'Teen Mom' Despite Her Tweets, Source Says - Here's Why!

Amber Portwood Most Likely Won't Leave 'Teen Mom' Despite Her Tweets, Source Says - Here's Why!
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This is some great news for the reality TV star’s fans as it seems like Amber Portwood’s threat to leave Teen Mom is not to be taken completely seriously. As you may remember, the woman took to social media to tweet that she’ll leave the MTV show but now, one source tells HollywoodLife that she’s changed her mind.

‘I have to quit this show. The heartache it has put me through is just too much to bear anymore,’ Amber previously tweeted.

Now a source close to the celeb tells the outlet that ‘Being part of a reality TV show like Teen Mom OG's emotionally draining. All the girls — but especially Amber — sometimes feel like the worst and most painful parts of their lives are being exploited.’

At the time she threatened to leave Teen Mom, hours earlier, she had also opened up about her miscarriage while still together with Matt Baier.

Amber also complained that her very name was getting ‘smeared’ because of the MTV show.

However, Amber’s pal argued that in the end, for all the cast members, it is the only way they know how to make a real income so it is likely that Amber won’t leave.

‘After reconnecting with all the other girls at the reunion and after talking through her feelings with Dr. Drew, she calmed down and has now realized that the show brings her more good than harm,’ the insider explained.

Dr. Drew apparently told Portwood that he really did not want to see her gone from the popular series.
One Us Weekly report also claims that the audience was super supportive hearing him say that, and hearing their claps made Amber cry.

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  • Debbie Homesley
    Debbie Homesley Nov 28, 2018 3:33 PM PST

    NONE of the FORMER TEEN MOMS (they are closer to 30 than teens) will ever quit- they will stay as long as MTV keeps writing the welfare checks- without MTV they are all destined for Walmart and McDonalds- they will be there ONE DAY but only when the show is cancelled- they all like to talk big and bad but they know minimum wage is around the corner if they leave

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