Amber Portwood ‘Heartbroken’ For Jenelle Evans In The Aftermath Of David Eason Shooting Her Dog

Amber Portwood ‘Heartbroken’ For Jenelle Evans In The Aftermath Of David Eason Shooting Her Dog
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Despite all of their differences, Amber Portwood feels heartbroken for Jenelle Evans after she lost her dog at the hands of her controversial husband, David Eason. Apparently, the Teen Mom star hopes her fellow cast member will ‘make the right decision’ when it comes to her marriage after what happened.

Ever since David Eason shot and killed Jenelle’s pet dog, Nugget, a lot of people have been urging the reality TV celeb to file for divorce and now, that list includes Amber Portwood!

She took to Twitter to share her opinion on the situation, writing: ‘Omg I can’t even read any more details about this horrible incident that happened to Jenelle's poor dog! Ugh, heartbroken seriously…I hope she makes the right decision.’

As you may know, Amber is not the only celeb addressing the incident.

A couple of days ago, E! News claimed an investigation into the death of the pup was underway and a number of celebrities reacted.

Kaley Cuoco wrote: ‘THANK GOD!! Horrific nasty human,’ referring to David.

Katherine McPhee was just as happy about the news, simply writing: ‘Finally’ and adding a prayer hands emoji.

Following the tragedy, Jenelle took to her IG Stories to talk about some speculations and also made it clear she is seriously considering filing for divorce.

‘I am not afraid to death of anyone or anything right now… I’m heartbroken. Stop writing lies. Yes marriage is up in the air at this time. I have only been away from home because I’m still hurt and upset. Please please stop,’ she wrote.

She also vehemently denied the death of her dog was all a publicity stunt.


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