Amber Portwood Desperate To Marry Baby Daddy Before Giving Birth - But Are They Already Engaged?

Amber Portwood Desperate To Marry Baby Daddy Before Giving Birth - But Are They Already Engaged?
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According to insiders close to the reality star, Amber Portwood is desperate to get married to her baby daddy Andrew Glennon before their child’s birth! Here’s why she wants him to pop the big question prior to welcoming their first baby!

A couple of days ago, Amber attracted a lot of attention after she shared a pic on social media in which she was sporting a diamond ring on her left hand’s ring finger!

The Teen Mom celeb is yet to officially announce their engagement, but a source from the woman’s inner circle told us that ‘If Amber and Andrew are engaged then they’re both keeping quiet about it. There is no doubt though that she’d love Andrew to propose–Amber is crazy about him; she’d love to make things official before the baby arrives. She was probably dropping a big hint by posting the ring photo.’

Considering that she is still expecting, maybe he is thinking of taking one step at a time.

‘Andrew moves at his own pace though and does not like to be pressured into anything. Getting ready to become a dad’s a big enough step alone for him to deal with right now.’

Besides, weddings are quite stressful, and that is not good for expectant mothers.

But we are happy that things seem to be going well for her after the ugly breakup from Matt Baier.

Amber probably understands why Andrew is taking his time with the proposal.

After all, being a parent in the spotlight is really difficult, and she should know that very well considering she’s been in hot water for her parenting a few times.

She never hesitated to shoot back at the mom-shamers though!

‘Some of you are absolutely horrible people! I was in boot camp for three weeks during Leah’s Summer break making more money than some of you s**t talkers dream of!! My kid has college funds because of me!’ she tweeted not too long ago.


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