Amber Portwood And Farrah Abraham Still Feuding –Event Security Kept Them Away From Each Other!

Amber Portwood And Farrah Abraham Still Feuding –Event Security Kept Them Away From Each Other!

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham are still feuding half a year after their explosive reunion brawl and the Teen Mom producers are not taking any chances!

Yesterday, the two enemies reunited at a New York promotional event for Teen Mom OG’s new season and the organizers made sure there was enough security for the protection and safety of the cast.

According to a production insider, everywhere you looked there were security guards that did their best to keep the two feuding women away from each other and make sure they did not attack each other physically.

Fortunately, the two co-stars did not interact at all and the event went on smoothly without any drama!

“Amber and Catelynn [Lowell] caught up, but she never spoke to Farrah,” one eyewitness confirmed.

As fans may remember, the feud started in October of last year when Abraham stated that Portwood’s 45-year-old fiancé Matt Baier looked like a pedophile.

After hearing the offensive words of her co-star, Amber stormed on stage, prompting both Baier and Farrah’s father, Michael to get involved as well. While at first, the men tried to stop the brawl, they soon started fighting as well and the entire thing ended with Baier throwing Michael into the audience.

“I don’t know if she didn’t take her meds,” Abraham said later on about Portwood who has claimed before that she suffers from bipolar disorder. “This is not the Amber I know.”

Ever since then, the two mothers kept slamming each other via social media the entire season.

Do you think Farrah and Amber will ever forgive and forget? Should they even try to make up or is the drama more entertaining to watch?


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  • Vick
    Vick Apr 7, 2017 9:33 PM PDT

    I can't stand Farrah, but I think she's 1 of those that she has to be center of attention at all times, even if it's in a negative way!!! Amber has done a lot to turn her life around & she just needs to leave dumb alone & keep doing her & staying on her tracks!!!

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