Amazon CEO And Richest Man Of The World Jeff Bezos Divorces Wife Of 25 Years Following Cheating Scandal

Amazon CEO And Richest Man Of The World Jeff Bezos Divorces Wife Of 25 Years Following Cheating Scandal
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Jeff Bezos, known for being the CEO of Amazon, as well as the richest man in the world, has split up with his wife, MacKenzie, after a marriage of approximately 25-years. The couple first began a business together which went on to become the biggest company in the United States.

According to CBC News, on Wednesday, it was revealed by Jeff on his Twitter account that he and his wife chose to remain "cherished friends." Despite the fact their marriage ended in a tragic divorce, Jeff and his wife wrote in the statement that they'd do it all over again anyway.

Since the split, reports have talked endlessly about the million-dollar, or perhaps billion dollar question: where will the money go? And how will it be divided amongst the pair? Currently, Fobes and Bloomberg have Bezos as the richest man in the world, holding approximately $137 billion US.

However, it's important to note that Bezos' money is almost entirely tied up in Amazon stock. He has approximately 16% in the Seattle company. The 54-year-old entrepreneur also owns Blue Origin as well as The Washington Post.

Due to the fact, MacKenzie and Bezos were married when the company was first created, it's possible she's liable to earn a large portion of the company if they hadn't agreed upon a way of separating the assets previously.

King County, where the home lies, confirmed on their account on Twitter yesterday that Jeff and his wife had not filed in court yet. Currently, they own a house in the county. Bezos also bought a $23 million home last year in a nice neighborhood of Washington DC.

They have four children together. A lawyer who spoke with the outlet said that the property acquired when they were together is now "common property," which includes a significant portion of stock ownership. Another divorce lawyer said the couple would definitely settle outside of court.

Furthermore, it's crucial they keep details under wraps mostly because they wouldn't want deleterious information to leak to the public which would affect the value of the company. Currently, Amazon is worth around $811 billion; it's the most valuable publicly traded company in the United States.

Initially, Amazon was a mere bookselling website, but it has evolved into selling almost anything customers want, from instruments, CDs, books, sheet music, toasters, and much more. It also is a leader in voice-activated speakers.

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