Amanda Stanton Is Real Emotional About Breakup With Josh Murray

Amanda Stanton Is Real Emotional About Breakup With Josh Murray

Amanda Stanton has revealed some of the intimate details regarding her relationship with Josh Murray from The Bachelorette.

Stanton is a former contestant on The Bachelor and single mother of two from Southern California. Stanton was previously dating Andi Dorfman but eventually broke up with him during the third season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Murray and Stanton met on the show and became an item, and he proposed to her at the end of the show and she accepted, although the couple eventually broke up in January.

The couple rekindled the romance briefly in February, they called it off permanently, and since then it's been constant drama.

Stanton revealed during a press release to E! that the first date she had with Josh Murray was one of the best ones she had ever had in her life. While she began to see "red flags" during their relationship she willfully ignored them.

The Bachelor star said Murray was very emotional and overly concerned with the opinions of others, and he was bothered by her previous relationship with another man on the show.

According to Stanton, she had tried to break up with him at one point, but Josh refused to accept it and still posted messages to her on her social media.

The couple shared a car together which Murray had secured a loan for to pay for the car. After Stanton refused to stop sharing the car with him, Josh called the police.

Stanton said it was incredibly embarrassing when the police showed up to her home. She wasn't expecting police to be there when she was with her kids. The reality show contestant went on to say she expected a text message or some kind of warning that Murray had wanted the keys back to his car.

Amanda stated that the breakup has been extremely hard on her, and she has been trying to focus on her blog, her book, and her family to keep her mind occupied.


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