Amanda Stanton From "The Bachelor" And Bobby Jacobs Break Up

Amanda Stanton From "The Bachelor" And Bobby Jacobs Break Up
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Bachelor Nation's Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs have officially broken up. Following one year of dating and approximately one year after first making it official on Instagram, the reality star and pro beach volleyball player's romance has ended.

The 33-year-old athlete took to Instagram to confirm that he and Amanda had officially called it off after a year of coupling. "I love them too and that's why I'll still be apart of there lives no matter what," the 33-year-old wrote in reference to Amanda's two kids.

As you may or may not know, Jacobs is referring to the two children of Amanda: Kinsley, and Charlie. The player said he had actually spoken with both of them last night on the phone about how they intended to go to Disneyland for Kinsley's birthday.

This all comes after Stanton, 28, claims her account was hacked, and a person had been leaking topless photos of her amid a breast augmentation surgery. The hacker had actually sent some of the photos to people that she knows.

Jacobs said on the 'Gram in response to a curious fan that the photos have nothing to do with them breaking up. It's just a coincidence. However, Jacobs did add that it was his idea to go public with the photographs first, that way people aren't surprised by the content. He claims a lawyer told her otherwise.

Reported by E! News, the outlet claims Stanton was not ready for the split, or, in other words, she didn't know it was coming. She was "blindsided," the source remarked. The insider close to the reality star claims she thought everything was "going great."

Regarding the leaked photos, this won't be the first time such an incident has happened before. Famously, Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Mischa Barton, were the victim of revenge pornography as well, with the former's case being more similar to Stanton because it was a hacker, rather than a former partner.

Some people on social media have accused Jacobs of breaking up with her for some reason related to the photos, however, this is merely speculation, and no evidence of such an assertion has surfaced.

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