Amanda Stanton Claps Back After Backlash For Letting Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Dye Her Hair

Amanda Stanton Claps Back After Backlash For Letting Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Dye Her Hair
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The former Bachelor in Paradise star was mom-shamed for letting her daughter, who is only six years old, dye her hair! Amanda Stanton really likes to be a beauty influencer on social media, but it looks like people are not fans of getting advice on how to style their young kids as well!

After the child got icy blonde highlights, the woman received a lot of criticism online.

Seeing the backlash, Amanda decided to fire back at the haters!

It all started when Amanda shared a number of Instagram stories that showed the little girl getting highlights in her otherwise brunette hair.

Not to mention that the mother and daughter duo was also wearing full faces of makeup!

Here are a few of the reactions: ‘She's too young to highlight her hair. Why make her grow up so fast? I'm sure other kids at her school don’t change hair color.’ / ‘ It’s always good to start them young being obsessed with their looks.’ / ‘Too young for a little girl bleaching and putting makeup on at an early age…let her grow up first.’ / ‘The kids I teach think of dolls and dinosaurs at this age, not changing the color of their hair.’

While many were very upset, it is not that surprising that Amanda let the girl change her hair at such a young age since she runs separate Instagram pages for both her and her five-year-old sister.

On there, she often shared how much the daughters love posing for the camera and playing dress up.

Later on, Amanda slammed her mom-shamers, confessing that part of the reason she showed the girl getting her hair dyed was precisely to annoy the haters.

‘Confession: When I posted the poll on getting Kins hair (HARDLY) highlighted, I knew that it would trigger the trolls. But I did it anyway…so in a way I was trolling the trolls! I got messages saying she is too young etc.… but I got more saying ‘I am glad you let her and did not care what anyone negative had to say.’’

So in the end, the 'moral of the story,' as she put it, was that people just have different opinions on parenthood as on every other topic out there and that is ‘Okay!’


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