Amanda Knox’s Ex Denied Compensation For “Wrongful Imprisonment”

Amanda Knox’s Ex Denied Compensation For “Wrongful Imprisonment”

Amanda Knox‘s ex boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was denied compensation by Italian courts.

According to reports, judges refused Sollecito’s request for 500,000 Euros (about $532,000 American dollars) for alleged “wrongful imprisonment.”

The 32 year old Sollecito claimed he deserved the money for wrongfully being put in prison over the death of English college student Meredith Kercher.

However, a new report revealed that Sollecito lied to the police officers which then led to his arrest. Now, judges explained that he is, in fact, responsible for being taken into custody.

Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend, Sollecito, were accused and found guilty of murdering British exchange student Kercher.

The crime took place in 2007 and the couple spent four years in prison before they were finally acquitted for the crime.

In 2015, the Italian Supreme Court found both Knox and Sollecito innocent of the crime and they were released.

The 29 years old Knox has since written a memoir detailing the ordeal and last year she even appeared in a Netflix documentary.

Meanwhile, Sollecito has gotten into hot water by joking about the famous murder case on secret online groups.

One user asked him: “Master, teach me to cancel traces of a murder, as I have a couple of things to solve.”

Sollecito wrote back on the Facebook secret group, saying:  “It’s easy: s*** on it and nobody will come near [the scene]!”

According to reports, Sollecito received $73,000 in U.S. dollars from the Italian government to start an internet business. He has published two books and has spent most of his time traveling around Italy giving talks to people interested in his experience.

Knox has followed a similar course, making public speeches around America about her innocence in the Kercher murder.


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