Amanda Kloots Slams Haters Criticizing Her For Working Amid Husband Nick Cordero's Fight For His Life

Amanda Kloots Slams Haters Criticizing Her For Working Amid Husband Nick Cordero's Fight For His Life
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Amanda Kloots has been through a lot while helping her husband Nick Cordero fight for his life while he’s still in critical condition due to COVID-19 complications ! That being said, there is no doubt that the last thing she needs right now is negativity on social media!

It looks like some people online have been questioning her priorities so she felt like she needed to respond and clap back at those people in a new post!

As you may know, Amanda’s husband, Nick Cordero has been in the hospital for over three months now, time during which the woman has been trying her best to juggle everything in her life but also make sure that she takes good care of their son, Elvis, 1.

Unsurprisingly enough, people were concerned with her ability to balance both her work and personal life, a mindset a lot of women have to deal with for some reason.

Amanda took to her IG stories to address the negativity.

She wrote: ‘A little PSA: My husband's been in the ICU for 91 days. We do not know if he will make it. I hope and I pray every day of my life he does. But, if he does make it, I do not know when he will be able to work again.’

She went on to explain she has been working on her fitness business for the past four years, something she raised ‘from the ground up’ herself.

Amanda stressed that she has been working every single day to achieve all the success she has today, something female entrepreneurs ‘should ever have to apologize for.’

‘There's a lot in my life that's uncertain right now. I have a family. I have no idea what Nick's hospital bills are going to be. I have not even tried to wrap my head around it yet. I have a mortgage, a car payment, a son who is 1-years-old and who I want to send to college one day. So, I'll work. I'll continue to work. I'll continue to create and I will continue to try to share that with people,’ Amanda wrote in her open letter to the haters.


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