Amanda Kloots Says That Nick Cordero's Inability To See Their Child's 1st Birthday Is 'Painful'

Amanda Kloots Says That Nick Cordero's Inability To See Their Child's 1st Birthday Is 'Painful'
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Amanda Kloots isn't happy that her husband, Nick Cordero, won't be able to celebrate their baby's 1st birthday on account of his battle with the coronavirus.

Entertainment Tonight picked up on an Instagram Story from the fitness instructor yesterday in which she complained of her current predicament. Obviously, Amanda has every right to lament Nick's struggle with COVID-19, considering she was previously told to say goodbye to the Broadway actor.

Amanda reminisced on her IG story this Tuesday that their son, Elvis, was born early in the morning, 6:45 am, last year, and they have some super fun things planned for him today. She'll definitely be Facetiming Nick on Elvis' birthday.

Kloots said that it "breaks (her) heart" that Nick won't be able to be there. She's preparing for his birthday to be a very emotional one because Cordero won't be able to see him and its a huge milestone for their child.

"I think it's going to be really hard," Amanda explained. On Monday, Nick reportedly had a bad time in the hospital, Amanda remarked. She said he was fighting against high fever, so the doctors had to change his antibiotics and medication.

Now, everything is back to normal and it looks like Nick might make a recovery. Amanda went on to say that she thinks Cordero is in stable condition, and he stands a good chance at getting back to normal in the coming months.

Regarding his current treatment, Cordero will receive more stem cell treatment which he first started at the beginning of the month. Kloots says doctors will do another CT scan of his lungs to see if he's been making any progress.

As it was previously reported, Cordero was hospitalized for pneumonia and later tested positive for the virus. Since then, he has tested negative. Doctors even had to take one of his limbs off on account of blood clotting complications after he got a tracheostomy. Nick is still fighting an ongoing infection in his respiratory system.

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