Amanda Kloots Comments On Donald Trump Downplaying Coronavirus -- Asks For Empathy

Amanda Kloots Comments On Donald Trump Downplaying Coronavirus -- Asks For Empathy
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Donald Trump finally saw that the Coronavirus definitely wasn't a hoax when he got a positive test back. Fortunately, he seems to be doing very well for a person suffering from the deadly virus but unfortunately -- this gave him fuel to send a dangerous message to the masses.

Trump delivered multiple messages about his health status since being admitted and released from the Walter Reed hospital. According to him, people should not be afraid of the virus.

The reality is, America has over 200,000 COVID -related deaths. One person who knows how tragically a Coronavirus fight can end is Nick Cordero's widow.

The Broadway star contracted the disease and passed away months after his positive diagnosis. Often times, it's not COVID-19 that directly kills a person but instead the side effects or the damage it does to the body.

Amanda Kloots took to Instagram where she responded to Donald's comments.

'To all the over 208,000 Americans who lost loved ones to this virus - I stand by you, with you, holding your hand. Unfortunately it did dominate our lives didn’t it? It dominated Nick’s family’s lives and my family’s lives. I guess we “let it” - like it was our choice?? Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to spend two days in the hospital. I cried next to my husband for 95 days watching what COVID did to the person I love. It IS something to be afraid of. After you see the person you love the most die from this disease you would never say what this tweet says. There is no empathy to all the lives lost. He is bragging instead. It is sad. It is hurtful. It is disgraceful.'

She also called the current president out in a video where she asks him to have some empathy for people who are suffering from the disease or have loved ones that are going through the same thing.

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