Amanda Cerny Thinks Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul’s Romance Is Fake As Well!

Amanda Cerny Thinks Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul’s Romance Is Fake As Well!
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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s engagement has been reason for a lot of skepticism both outside the YouTube community and inside! That being said, fellow influencer Amanda Cerny made it very clear that she, just like many social media users, is convinced the two are not truly in love but that they are faking their relationship for attention.

Since it happened so fast, and given their reputations, many fans immediately doubted how real their engagement really was when they announced it.

Amanda Cerny seems to be in the same category since she also thinks there is nothing between Jake and Tana if not a business relationship.

Amanda was in attendance at the Siwear Sunglasses by Hrush Achemyan when she chatted with HollywoodLife about the whole thing.

‘I don’t think it’s real! I love Jake and their whole situation. I think they’re smart for clout. Maybe there’s love there that I just don’t know about, but that’s a big question mark,’ she shared.

Tana and Jake started going out only months after she exited her polyamorous relationship with Bella Thorne and Mod Sun.

Furthermore, the weekend ahead of her 21st birthday last month, the two went to Las Vegas to celebrate and Jake also took this opportunity to propose.

Tana was the one to share the news via several clues on Instagram stories, including a ring and a cake that read: ‘Will you marry me.’

Alongside the diamond ring, she wrote: ‘I’m engaged @jakepaul.’

The following day, she also tweeted that ‘ITS MY 21ST BDAY AND IM ENGAGED HOLY S**T i just woke up i’m sober omg what is going on,’ confirming the Vegas engagement.


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