Amanda Bynes sports bleached blonde locks and weight gain

Amanda Bynes sports bleached blonde locks and weight gain

Amanda Bynes was recently spotted by the paparazzi out and about and the surprising pictures show the former Nickelodeon star looking completely different from what we were used to. Bynes has not only gained a lot of unnecessary weight but was also sporting a radically different hair style.

Just a couple of days ago, the fallen star was seen having lunch in West Hollywood and she looked much heavier that the last time she made a public appearance. The significant weight gain was quite apparent and the 30 year old was almost unrecognizable.

In recent months, Amanda Bynes was often accompanied by her life coach, Joy Stevens, and this time was no different. According to a source close to Amanda, Bynes' "every move is shadowed by the life coach."

It comes as no surprise that she needs constant supervision after the actress had a public meltdown in 2014. Just right after, she was put into psychiatric care to solve her deep rooted mental issues. Although that was in the past and since then she’s been reportedly slowly recovering, during the lunch she had with the life coach Amanda did not look any happier. We are worried that she might relapse into despair and have another breakdown, her weight gain being no less of a concern.

Even though Amanda Bynes was released from the psychiatric hospital over two years ago, the actress decided to be sincere with her fans and keep everyone posted with the state of her health. She tweeted that her diagnose read ‘bipolar and manic depressive tendencies’, and those are not issues easily to deal with.

This October, when Bynes was last seen before yesterday, she had bleached her long hair blonde, in an attempt to change her look. The hair do looked cheap and hair deteriorated because of the strong chemicals.

What do you think of Amanda’s hair and weight gain?


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