Amanda Bynes Releases Rap Song And People Are Not Impressed!

Amanda Bynes Releases Rap Song And People Are Not Impressed!
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It appears that Amanda Bynes is trying something new! The actress released a rap track and people are not very impressed by it!

Is the former Nickelodeon star venturing into the music industry while fans are still waiting for her to return to acting? That's what it looks like!

Amanda Bynes has been out of the public eye for a long time while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

While she's usually mostly quiet on social media as well, she took her fans by surprise by posting a song on her YouTube channel, titled Diamonds!

'Diamonds' is a 58 seconds long rap track in collaboration with Precise, as the credits state.

The song starts with the man rapping: 'This is the way I wake up, get the grind on the hustle' and he continues for over half the length of the track.

Then, it's Amanda's turn to show off her rapping skills, her rather basic lyrics being: 'Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my neck, on my wrist / Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my fist, yeah, I whip.'

As you can imagine, people were not impressed by her talent in this field, especially since her flow was not the best either.

But did they take it too seriously? Amanda's lawyer actually told E! News that 'Amanda is stuck at home and bored like everyone else. She is just having fun, trying to lighten the mood.'

Furthermore, a source told the same news outlet that Precise is the stage name of Amanda's fiance, Paul Michael, meaning that he's man rapping alongside the actress.

Another insider defended their friend as well, saying that Amanda was just being herself.


'She's made other videos where she raps along to songs. She is still at FIDM pursuing a career in fashion as she has been,' they shared, confirming that Amanda Bynes is not trying to become a rapper.

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