Amanda Bynes' Mother Doesn't Believe She's In The Right Mental State To Get Married

Amanda Bynes' Mother Doesn't Believe She's In The Right Mental State To Get Married
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Even though Amanda Bynes previously suggested she would be eliminating her conservatorship, her mother, Lynn Bynes, doesn't believe she's mentally astute enough to be on her own, especially when it comes to making important decisions.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly explained that Lynn doesn't actually have a problem with her daughter requesting a change to the conservatorship . However, Lynn thinks Amada doesn't have the capacity to make decisions for her own wellbeing at the moment.

She intends on keeping Amanda in a controlled environment where she won't hurt herself or others. On the 22nd of February, the 33-year-old What A Girl wants alum spoke out publicly about her mental state following her fall from Hollywood and psychiatric hold back in 2014.

The star, on her Instagram, explained that she had actually been going to a treatment facility that charged around $5,200 per month. Bynes stated that there was no reason why she couldn't just speak with a therapist for under $5,000, which would mean her insurance could cover it.

For that reason, she chose to ask for a hearing on the conservatorship issue. Amanda, on her account, apologized for bringing her problems on to the internet, but "this is what life has come to," the Easy A alum remarked.

As it was previously reported, the news of her requested hearing comes right after she announced her engagement to Paul Michael on her Instagram account. Just a few hours later, she shared selfies of herself with Michael on the same platform.

Bynes apparently has something she wants to make up for as well. On the 20th of February, Bynes apologized for calling other celebrities ugly on her Twitter account seven years ago in 2013. Bynes revealed she was "drugged out" at the time, but she and her man have since been sober.

Reportedly, it appears as though Bynes won't be able to get married anytime soon because it's actually up to her mother. Neama Rahmani, the president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, said to reporters from Us earlier this week that Amanda's parents could easily annul the marriage if they wanted too on account of Bynes' precarious mental condition.

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