Amanda Bynes In Sober Living Facility Amid Claims She Is 'Not Doing Well'

Amanda Bynes In Sober Living Facility Amid Claims She Is 'Not Doing Well'
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After suffering a recent relapse, Amanda Bynes is in a group sober living home and taking things “one day at a time” since leaving rehab in June. Insiders say that Bynes’ family and her doctors thought it was best for her to live in the facility because she’s “not doing well.”

Bynes relapsed in January not long after she celebrated three years of sobriety, and that led her to check into a Los Angeles rehab center. The actress was reportedly trying to make a Hollywood comeback and get back in the public eye, but it ended up being “too much, too soon.”

The 33-year-old former Nickelodeon star has been battling drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health issues, for more than a decade, and it seems that her fight is far from over. While it might have appeared that Bynes was making progress - thanks to her recent return to Instagram featuring her new pink hair - insiders say she is still way off track.

According to The Blast , Bynes is going to court in Ventura County for her conservatorship case this week to figure out the next steps they should take to help her. Bynes has been under a conservatorship ever since she nearly lit her dog on fire in the driveway of a stranger’s home in Thousand Oaks, California, back in 2013.

Bynes’ parents filed for Conservatorship at the time, which they still have today. However, the conservatorship is only for Bynes’ medical decisions, as their control over her finances has ended. Bynes’ money is now in a trust which a trustee manages.

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Bynes revealed that she has used molly, cocaine, and ecstasy, but her “drug of choice” is the prescription ADD medication Adderall. She explained that she tried the medication after hearing about a “new ‘skinny pill’” in Hollywood that women were taking to stay thin. Bynes was under the influence of Adderall during her 2014 DUI arrest.

Now that she has graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Amanda Bynes’ family is hoping that she will be able to get a job in the fashion industry and focus on her sobriety.

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