Amanda Bynes Announces Engagement To Mystery Man - Check Out The Massive Ring!

Amanda Bynes Announces Engagement To Mystery Man - Check Out The Massive Ring!
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The actress had some massive news to share on her social media! That’s right! Amanda Bynes took to her platform of choice, Instagram, to post a pic in which she was showing off her giant engagement rock, therefore announcing that she had been proposed to!

But the question now is, by whom? While Amanda was happy to tell the world that she’s now engaged and very happy and in love, she did not also disclose the lucky man’s identity.

Instead, the snap she posted did include a man’s hand holding hers while she took the pic of the gorgeous ring.

But that’s it at this point! Just an anonymous hand belonging to Amanda Bynes’ fiancé that fans are now dying to learn who it is!

Either way, it looks like the man popped the big question on Valentine’s Day, making the whole thing even more romantic than otherwise.

Judging by the pics, they were having dinner when he proposes since a dish can be seen under their two hands.

The unknown man can also be seen wearing a gold wedding band on his left hand finger.

As for the caption, Amanda wrote: ‘Engaged to tha love of my life.’

This came as a complete surprise and the mystery man is a complete mystery since she has not been linked to anyone lately.

Furthermore, this would also be the very first pic she’s posted with a possible love interest on her social media so it’s no doubt that she’s successfully kept their romance as private as it could have been!

In fact, it was so out of nowhere that some fans are suspicious it could be a Valentine’s Day related prank and nothing more!

Not to mention that this is not the first time she announced an engagement.

Back in 2017 she also claimed to be engaged to someone by the name of Matt.

She not only showed off the ring but also posted pictures with him on her social media platforms at the time.

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