Amal Clooney Shows Baby Bump Ahead Of Birthday Party In Spain

Amal Clooney Shows Baby Bump Ahead Of Birthday Party In Spain
Credit: Famefly

Amal Clooney is looking more and more pregnant, according to a series of pictures that surfaced online this morning. After Beyonce announced in an epic manner that she was pregnant with twins, many are wondering when will Amal and George Clooney drop their baby or babies news? Thursday night, Amal Clooney showed off her impeccable style as she arrived at an airport in Barcelona, Spain with her Hollywood star of a husband. The powerhouse attorney looked flawless in an oversize sweater, black leggings, long coat, and a pair of leopard boots.

The happy lawyer completed the look with a luxury handbag and an ivory knitted cap. However, what caught the world's attention was the British attorney's growing belly and fuller figure. It is impossible not to spot the burgeoning baby bump that Mrs. Clooney was trying to hide under her conspicuous attire.

Several insiders claimed that the couple is expecting twins - a boy and a girl. One source stated that they were surprised because they were not ready for two babies but were rapidly overcome with joy that they will have two children to raise and love.

Rumors also claimed that because of Mr. Clooney's age they couple had to rely on in vitro fertilization or IVF to conceive the babies. The spy said: "But the news that it was a boy and a girl made them both really happy ... they can’t believe in just a few months, they’re going to have two babies." The person added: "When George and Amal found out it was twins they were surprised, but also a little scared because they both had said that one was enough."

Amal and Goerge are in Spain for a very special event. Today, Amal turns 39, and they are set to meet with Goerge' parents - Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren - for a lavish yet low-key birthday party.

The entire family has gathered for the occasion to celebrate with Amal who is set to give birth in late summer. They were spotted Thursday evening heading to a fancy eatery known as the Rooftop Smokehouse Restaurant. A photographer caught up with Mr. Clooney and asked him if he was about to become a father, he smiled, winked, and nodded his head. That is the closest thing to yes; you will get.


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