Amal And George Clooney Sleep In Separate Bedrooms And Argue Over Seriousness Of Pregnancy - Report

Amal And George Clooney Sleep In Separate Bedrooms And Argue Over Seriousness Of Pregnancy - Report
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Amal and George Clooney enjoyed positive headlines last week with the confirmation by their neighbors that they had signed a huge check to apologize for the noise workers were making while renovating their mansion in England.

This week, the stories about the power couple are not that flattering.

A source spoke to OK! and revealed that there is tension growing between George and Amal Clooney, who are expecting twins - a boy and a girl - because the Hollywood star is not taking his wife's pregnancy serious enough.

The insider claimed the high-power attorney had put her husband in the dog house because he told her to focus on the babies as he deals with other things like his career and the expansion of their home in Europe and their new multi-million dollar apartment in New York.

The source told the publication the constant bickering has led to the pair sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The spy shared: “She’s tried to talk to George about pre-natal care and what to expect when the babies are born, but he rarely pays attention.”

According to the source, the Oscar-winning star thought it was funny to joke about the fact that he has zero interest in diaper duties - but Mrs. Clooney was not laughing.

The person revealed: “He jokes that he’ll never change a diaper – but she’s not laughing.”

The source added: "They rarely fight, so he was pretty taken aback when she warned him to change his attitude, fast.”

Mr. Clooney's close friends - Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber - recently spoke to the media and revealed that while he will be a great father, they do not expect him to change diapers.

The former model said: “I'm very excited. Obviously, we're friends of parenthood. I think it's incredible for George and it really took Amal, I think. She's just so amazing and they're just so happy. It just seemed like a natural next step.”

The couple will welcome their bundles of joy in the summer.

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