Alyssa Milano Urges Followers To Stop Sleeping With Men In Protest To Anti-Abortion Bill

Alyssa Milano Urges Followers To Stop Sleeping With Men In Protest To Anti-Abortion Bill
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According to a report from Page Six, Alyssa Milano, the Charmed actress, has taken her political activism to a new level. The actress urged her fellow women and female rights activists to stop having s*x with men as a way of encouraging them to cancel looming anti-abortion legislation.

Reportedly, there are anti-abortion bills coming to the House of Representatives, and politically minded entertainers such as Alyssa are clamoring for women to stop sleeping with men as a way of convincing them of Republican wrong-doing.

On Friday, the star claimed "our reproductive rights are being erased," before going on to say that, "until women have legal control over our bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy." Milano urged her followers to join her in sexual abstinence.

Alyssa's tweet came after legislation was introduced in Georgia, as well as in states like Alabama and Ohio. Page Six reported that Alyssa's tweet gathered approximately 10,000 likes and 4,000 re-tweets over-night. Early Saturday morning, Alyssa's tweet supposedly was trending.

Milano is known mostly for her activism as of late, rather than her acting career, which she claims was hindered by producer Harvey Weinstein. The ex-Miramax producer was accused of using his position in Hollywood to get s*x from women who wanted movie and television roles. He allegedly used the very same power to thwart their careers had they refused his offers.

Mr. Weinstein's case was supposed to go on trial this month - in May, however - it was postponed later this year. Another performer to go on the defensive soon following #MeToo allegations is the R & B singer, R. Kelly, who was outed as a sexual predator once again following the airing of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime.

R. Kelly later appeared on CBS This Morning with Gayle King, where he sat down with the news anchor and insisted that he didn't do any of the things he was accused of, including "hog-tying women."

The singer claimed such an allegation was preposterous, considering, in his own words, he doesn't even know how to hog-tie someone. Moreover, Michael Avenatti claims to have in his possession yet another tape of the controversial singer sleeping with an underaged girl.

Since allegations against men such as Weinstein and Kelly have come about, celebrity activists have started many different campaigns, including Time's Up, a group dedicated to gender equality in the entertainment business. The aforementioned Milano is one of its most vocal supporters.

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