Alyssa Milano Thanks James Woods For Help With California Wildfires, Appreciates What He's Doing With Twitter

Alyssa Milano Thanks James Woods For Help With California Wildfires, Appreciates What He's Doing With Twitter

News outlets are taking notice that if there is a silver lining to the California wildfires, it may be that people are lowering their guards, putting political differences aside and working together to help each other. This was made clear by a polite exchange between Alyssa Milano and James Woods on Friday.

Both Alyssa Milano and James Woods are extremely political, outspoken with their views, and take action regarding their beliefs. Their differences, however; are extremely notable. Each is as far apart on the political spectrum as can be. But on Friday, November 9, 2018, those differences were kept in check as the two have engaged in civil discourse regarding the horrific Woolsey Fire.

On Thursday night, Alyssa Milano shared an update with her Twitter fans that she and her children were evacuating. She had made arrangements for her five horses to be evacuated, but those plans fell through.

On Friday, when the Woolsey Fire grew rapidly, Alyssa Milano and even her fellow Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs used Twitter again to share their desperate plight to save their horses.

James Woods has created a hashtag for the sole purposes of his followers (as well as anyone who wants to use it) to share information, requests for help, and to provide resources for those in need. When Woods saw Milano's tweet, he immediately responded and shared it with his followers.

Though both Milano and Woods were met with some trolls who didn't think the two should speak due to their political differences, they both shut the haters down and had a pleasant exchange.

You may see how their conversation transpired below.

Followers of both James Woods and Alyssa Milano have responded favorably and pointed out that the true spirit of America is often exhibited during times of crisis.

James Woods was first to take notice of the seriousness of the Camp Fire and launched a social media campaign on Thursday, as soon as fires broke out in Paradise, California.

He provided information for people who were trapped in homes, used Twitter to help connect people who couldn't get in touch with their loved ones, provided road closure updates, and gave practical advice to those in need.

As the fires spread rapidly over Thursday night, Woods spent Friday doing more of the same and added a second hashtag for those living in Southern California who found themselves suddenly under mandatory evacuation orders.

You may see James Woods latest tweets using the hashtags #CampFireJamesWoods and #SoCalFiresJamesWoods below.

There have been many reports of hospitality, generosity, and compassion since the California wildfires have put countless lives in jeopardy.

Some have opened their homes to strangers and visited neighbors to help them evacuate. Are you surprised that James Woods and Alyssa Milano put their political differences aside to speak kindly to one another?


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