Alyssa Milano Shows Off Her Shocking Hair Loss After Testing Positive For Covid-19

Alyssa Milano Shows Off Her Shocking Hair Loss After Testing Positive For Covid-19
Credit: Source: Alyssa Milano/Instagram

Alyssa Milano is showing off her shocking hair loss after she tested positive for the Coronavirus . The 47-year-old outspoken political activist and Who's The Boss star shared a video on her Twitter account where fresh from a shower and wearing a navy-blue robe, Alyssa demonstrated what happens when she brushes her hair with her favorite detangling brush. Fresh-faced and without any makeup on, Alyssa began brushing her hair only to show how much hair was coming out of her head and ending up on the brush.

Hair loss has become one after-effect people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 are experiencing. As this is a novel virus, no one knows what the long-term effects will be. While there are many viruses that the human body can fight off without any further complications, there are some that cause lifelong, lingering symptoms. There simply isn't enough data yet on Covid-19 to know how people who contracted the virus will fare in six months, six years, or longer.

"Hey everybody! I just wanted to show you the amount of hair that is coming out of my head as a result of COVID," Alyssa Milano began the video by saying.

She used the video to promote face-mask wearing and used the hashtag #wearadamnmask in her video.

In addition to the hashtag, Alyssa used a second — #longhaulers. A long hauler is someone who continues to experience COVID-19 side effects long after their initial illness.

Alyssa explained she was sick with COVID-19 in April and is suffering hair loss, along with other symptoms four months later.

You may see the video that Alyssa Milano shared with her 3.7 million Twitter followers below.

Alyssa went viral several months ago for wearing a crocheted face mask that people said offered her little to no protection from the virus. She responded by saying that she wore a filter under the mask.

Hair loss is just one of the reported after-effects of COVID-19. Other symptoms that have continued include heaviness in the chest, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, confusion, blood clots, body aches, and more.

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