Alyssa Milano Says She Was Abused In Hollywood

Alyssa Milano Says She Was Abused In Hollywood
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On July 2, 2018, actress Alyssa Milano held a random Q and A on her official Twitter account. The impromptu gathering resulted in a number of her followers firing off questions they wanted the former child actress to answer. One question, in particular, is receiving plenty of attention as Milano admitted she was abused multiple times in her life. She did not specify whether the abuse was sexual or physical.

Alyssa Milano is one of Hollywood's most outspoken activists. She has championed for women's equal rights, the MeToo movement and to prevent the separation of families due to the border crisis.

Though she didn't elaborate on her personal experiences with abuse, many wondered if she experienced physical or sexual abuse on any of the sets she had worked on as a child.

Milano was asked if she had ever been abused in Hollywood. She replied with the following.

"Yes. And outside of Hollywood. #MeToo"

Alyssa Milano did not create the #MeToo hashtag. It was first circulated by Tarana Burke, a New York, African-America activist who created the Me Too movement and the hashtag that Milano used in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein discussion back in 2007.

Though Milano receives credit for creating #MeToo the real creator is Burke. Milano's tweet and promulgation of the hashtag did shift the focus of #MeToo from sexual assault in the African-American community to celebrities and then to women of all backgrounds.

Alyssa Milano hasn't been very vocal about her own abuse, but when Corey Feldman launched his Truth Campaign in October 2017, she was asked if she was aware of any sexual abuse happening to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. She was under fire by many in the public who believed she had to know something and was refusing to speak out.

Milano did, however, state that she was busy trying to keep herself safe and was unaware of what may or may not have been happening to someone else.

Do you think Alyssa Milano should speak out more about the abuse she suffered? Her words were well received and people offered their support and compassion, though she didn't get into specifics.

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