Alyssa Milano Evacuates Home With Children As James Woods Hashtag CampFireJamesWoods Goes Viral — California Fires Rage On

Alyssa Milano Evacuates Home With Children As James Woods Hashtag CampFireJamesWoods Goes Viral — California Fires Rage On
Credit: Source: Alyssa Milano Instagram

Alyssa Milano evacuated her home with her children, dog, computer, and Doc Martens as California fires continued to spread. On Thursday, November 8, 2018, actor James Woods began tweeting about the fires and started the hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods that soon went viral and became a social media hub for those in need of resources. Milano shared that her husband was safe in New York and will provide safe evacuation for her horses.

Milano's tweet points out a common problem for many citizens faced with emergency evacuations and other sudden life or death situations.

Not everyone has the resources to immediately provide safe transport for their pets and James Woods has provided a way for people to connect and share helpful information.

"I just had to evacuate my home from the fires. I took my kids, dogs, computer and my Doc Marten boots. (Husband is in NY. Horses are being evacuated by my trainer.) Alyssa Milano via Twitter."

Many missing reports have come through the #CampFireJamesWoods hashtag and while many were from loved ones concerned about family members they have lost contact with, there were plenty from people looking for missing pets or asking rescuers to save their animals.

You may see some of James Woods' latest tweets using the #CampFireJamesWoods hashtag below. As the social networking sharing information regarding the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire continues to grow, some are questioning whether California officials and media outlets did enough to prepare and evacuate as the fire continues to rage.

There is no question the need for assistance is great for those affected by the fires. Blazes have broken out in Paradise, Thousand Oak, Woolsey, and now evacuations have been issued in Malibu, California. As Malibu is home to many celebrities, it appears that more may follow Alyssa Milano's suit and be subjected to evacuations.

The Camp Fire is above Sacramento and in Northern California. The Woolsey and Hill fires are in the Los Angeles vicinity.

James Woods is not in California but on the East coast.

Are you following the California wildfires? If you are concerned about someone in the area, you may reach out to James Woods and use the hashtag #CampFireJamesWoods. Alyssa Milano has not been very active on Twitter since announcing her evacuation plans.


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