Aloe Blacc Says Misogyny Will Never Leave Hip-Hop

Aloe Blacc Says Misogyny Will Never Leave Hip-Hop
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According to Aloe Blacc, hip-hop music won't move away from misogynistic themes anytime in the near future. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the performing artist this week in which he claimed that misogynism would always play some role in the genre.

During an interview with the United Kingdom's iNews, Aloee said he'd "love to see it," but he doesn't think it's going to go away. In fact, Blacc said it was going to stick around "forever."

Blacc says it's up to market forces to eliminate it. Until the day comes where women protest against it; stop buying the music, start protesting the label's promotion of it; radio stations stop playing the music, and advertisers stop paying for the content, it'll never change, Aloe explained.

Regarding the artist's new record, All Love Everything , Black claims that it'll focus a lot more on his personal life and experiences as a human being, rather than politics . Blacc says he formerly used his art form to touch on societal issues, but these days, he says "raging against the machine" just makes you tired.

He claims it's more beneficial to put something into the world which the "machine" doesn't compute. Put simply, he realized it's much better to put positive messages into the world instead.

This wouldn't be the first time a performing artist spoke on the misogyny in hip-hop. During an interview with Curtis Jackson - also known as 50 Cent - the rapper explained his thoughts toward one of his most popular songs, "21 Questions." 50 Cent said that up until that point, there wasn't much love for women in hip-hop hits.

Hip-hop has long come under fire for having a complicated relationship with women. In spite of this, it has become the most popular genre in North America.

It appears that many women in North American are willing to look past what's in the lyrics and enjoy the music instead. Conversely, they may just look at it as male-posturing, rather than genuine hatred for women.

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