All My Children Star Colin Egglesfield Gets Candid About Battling Testicular Cancer

All My Children Star Colin Egglesfield Gets Candid About Battling Testicular Cancer
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All My Children star Colin Egglesfield is getting candid about his battle with testicular cancer.

The actor is finally opening up about the scary health crisis he endured just as he joined the ABC soap opera. It has been thirteen years since Egglesfield endured the happiest and most frightening time of his life.

In a recent interview with Fox News , the 46-year-old opened up about his ordeal. Egglesfield learned he had testicular cancer in 2006, months after landing the breakout career role of Josh Madden on AMC . The actor had to schedule his radiation treatments when he had breaks from the ABC daytime soap opera.

He did not want to talk about his cancer battle while he was enduring it because it is so personal. Now though, Egglesfield is hoping his story can help others.

"I just noticed that my left testicle had swelled up, and I went to see the doctor and he said that we needed to do some tests, ultrasound, a blood test. And they discovered that it was at a pretty advanced stage and did the surgery and found that some of the cancer cells had gone through the veins and arteries to the kidneys," he shared with the news network.

Thankfully after a long battle that included cancer spreading to his other testicle, Egglesfield is cancer-free. The ordeal changed him and taught him invaluable life lessons.

Along with sharing his story to help others, the actor also spends time volunteering at St. Jude's Hospital. Recently the Hollywood hunk released a new book, which goes into more details on his cancer battle and life as an actor.

Agile Artist: Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond was released this past June. The profits from his memoir will go to an organization that is close to his heart, Project Osmosis. It is a non-profit that helps bring inner-city children art programs.

"My cancer scare was thirteen years ago, so thankfully, I am cancer-free. I feel like at this point in my life. It made sense to put it down on paper, and so far, the response has been really great," he shared.

Colin Egglesfield will always be known for his role on All My Children, but he is much more than an actor. He is also a cancer survivor, who is now devoted to charity, giving back and encouraging people to follow their passion.


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