All My Children Alum Susan Lucci Has A Stern Message For Women After Her 'Widow-Maker' Heart Attack

All My Children Alum Susan Lucci Has A Stern Message For Women After Her 'Widow-Maker' Heart Attack
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All My Children alum Susan Lucci has a stern message for women after her widow-maker heart attack. The TV icon is not holding back in spreading the word about how females can prevent their own health crisis.

At the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' Summer 2019 TCA, Lucci spoke to Entertainment Tonight reflecting on the emergency heart surgery she endured last October.

"I don't think I realized what an emergency it was until they told me what an emergency it was. I had some mild pressure on my chest last October a couple of times, and it went away, and because I've never had a health issue, I thought it was nothing. And then the third time it happened, I was shopping for a birthday present for a girlfriend in a boutique, and it was overwhelming. It felt like an elephant pressing on my chest," the 72-year-old explained.

Ironically Lucci was able to realize she was in a health crisis thanks to a message she heard on TV a year earlier. It was then she recalled the symptoms of a female heart attack. After realizing what was going on, the actress had the boutique manager drive her to the emergency room.

"It turns out I had a 90 percent blockage in my main artery and a 75 percent blockage in an adjacent artery, and so they told me the next day, 'You just avoided a widow-maker." I didn't know! I had no idea," Lucci recalled.

Now that she is feeling fabulous, the AMC alum wants to share her story with a crucial message for all women. It is time to wake up, pay attention, and listen to one's body. Most importantly, seek medical attention even if it seems unnecessary.

"Put yourself on your to do list. And pay attention. You know, we think sometimes, 'Maybe they'll think I'm overreacting or being too dramatic. It can't be anything.' It's better to go to the hospital and get it checked out. They're glad you came," the actress stressed.

Susan Lucci is lucky to be alive. After noticing the signs of a heart attack and paying attention to her body, she wants other women to do the same. It is because of her own instincts and actions that the actress will be around to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary with husband Helmut Huber this year.


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