Alison Roman's Column In The New York Times Ends Following Chrissy Teigen Comments

Alison Roman's Column In The New York Times Ends Following Chrissy Teigen Comments
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As it was previously reported, Alison Roman sparked contention in the media when she slammed Chrissy Teigen for creating her culinary empire. Following the controversy which was arguably self-inflicted, Roman's food column with The New York Times was put on hold, even though Alison apologized profusely for her comments.

A spokesperson for the New York Times said to reporters from The Daily Beast that the 34-year-old's column was put on hold for the moment. As it was noted above, Alison made some derogatory remarks toward Chrissy at the beginning of the month.

She accused Chrissy of being a "sell-out" in the food world and also accused Mare Kondo of being a "hypocrite." During her conversation with The New Consumer, Alison stated that what Chrissy has done with her career is "so crazy" to her.

Alison claimed that Chrissy released a successful recipe book, and then suddenly, she had "lines at Target." Furthermore, Roman said it wasn't something she would aspire too, although, she did admit that Chrissy was definitely making money from it.

Teigen later responded by claiming she was hurt by Roman's comments. As it was noted above, Roman apologized immensely for what she had to say about Chrissy. She claimed her comments were "flippant, careless," and she was "so sorry."

As for Chrissy, on the other hand, Charisse Van Horn reported on the 11th of May that Teigen chose to take a break from social media after engaging in the feud with Roman. She shared a post on her account in which she said that social media was bothering her a lot.

On her account, Chrissy stated that the comments from people online were too much for her to bear, including allegations that her kids were "petri dish babies" or saying that she was involved in what social media dubbed as "Epstein island."

Teigen said it all seemed a "little gross" to her, so she had no choice but to take a break. It's unclear when Chrissy will be back, but many social media users wrote in her comments that they felt bad for what happened.

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