Alison Roman Apologizes To Chrissy Teigen Following Her Criticism Of Her Culinary Career

Alison Roman Apologizes To Chrissy Teigen Following Her Criticism Of Her Culinary Career
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Alison Roman is apologizing for what she said earlier this week regarding Chrissy Teigen's venture into the culinary world . Page Six picked up on an apology-tweet from Roman on Friday in which she said sorry for all of the things she had to say.

In case you missed it, yesterday, it was reported by multiple outlets that Alison took aim at Chrissy Teigen for her Instagram page and blog which she described as a "content farm." Alison said it wasn't something that she aspired to in her own career.

With that said, however, in her initial remarks, Alison did admit that Chrissy was probably making a ton of money from her page. You can check out Roman's apology tweet below:

Paraphrasing what the artist had to say, Alison expressed remorse for her comments, claiming that it was unnecessary and careless for her to compare her own career to hers in a negative way. Alison finished her apology with, "I'm so sorry."

Later in her tweet, she talked about her political views, including how she thought it was a terrible idea for her to talk badly about other women in the business. Roman hoped out loud that she and Teigen would one day meet and "get along."

As it was previously reported, Alison said to The New Consumer earlier this month that what Chrissy Teigen has done with her career thus far seems "crazy" to her. Teigen later responded to her comments and said that she was hurt by Roman's remarks.

The social media reaction to Alison's remarks were quite negative, with many accusing her of merely being a hater who was jealous of Teigen's massive success. Alison didn't backtrack initially, she said she was merely being "honest about money."

Furthermore, Roman claimed she wasn't trying to attack anybody's business model. She said she merely wanted to do it in her own way, rather than through a "product line." Roman claimed she doesn't see the aforementioned model working well for her.

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